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Our vision is to see well established church-planting movements (CPMs) in each of the nine major civilizations, led by leaders, fully trained in "the way of Christ and His Apostles", who are designing and implementing effective strategies for civilization-wide progress of the gospel.


We exist to train networks of leaders, grassroots to national, in the way of Christ and His Apostles, in partnership with CPMs in each of the nine major civilizations.

Four "Great Group" Initiatives (Master Plan)

  • Ames Antioch Center:
    The Antioch Center is located in Ames, Iowa, and is built in partnership with Oakwood Road Church. Following the model of the Antioch church in Acts 13:1–14:28 and the Antioch/Alexandrian Center traditions of the Early Church, BILD has established a Resource Center that houses the ministry of BILD and its resident leaders—a modern expression of the "Pauline team" found in the missionary journeys in Acts. This Center is the global "back office" for our partner large-scale Church Planting Movements (CPMs) and a training center for Program Designers worldwide.

  • Antioch Initiative—North America:
    BILD has initiated a North American church-planting movement with the goal of seeing a whole new generation of churches emerge from leaders trained "in the way of Christ and His Apostles." Our goal is to see 20,000 churches planted from leaders trained. Our initial models will be in our own Judea—Des Moines and Minneapolis.

  • International CPM Partnerships (Type I–V Programs):
    This is the primary ministry initiative of BILD and is at the core of its founding vision. Our goal is to see 10,000,000 leaders trained worldwide in "the way of Christ and His Apostles," through partner CPMs who are strategically identified in each of the 9 major civilizations, with a special focus on India, China, and Southeast Asia. We will work with each partner to build an integrated system for training their Type I–V Leaders (grassroots to national) in church-based, nonformal programs.

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2400 Oakwood Road • Ames, IA 50014-8417 • 515.292.7012 (p) • 515.292.1933(f) • bild@bild. org

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